Thursday, August 21, 2014

MALTA. & All who try to degrade it

Valletta, Malta: A George Cross marks the spot
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This is a reaction as with most posts over here.

I am Maltese.
And goddamn it I'm REAL proud of that.
Which is why I've slathered the "Maltese" part all over my social networks -
I do beauty videos on youtube.
Which is considered rather weird by some over here.
But that's okay.

I LOVE doing it -
and for every person who tries to make fun of me doing youtube
I have 100 who watch my videos.
So - pretty happy in that regard.

NOW. Onto my point.
Because I do sometimes make fun of stuff I see in my country.

I AM ALLOWED to pin point at negative stuff in Malta,
but if you're a foreigner living here and you try to bad mouth my country,


Because you see - this is my country,
and just like if I wanted to say something bad about my mum because she's angered me
(sorry ma - trying to make a point over here)
I CAN. Because she's my mum.
And I'd take it back the next second
and pin point at all the beautiful things she's done for me in the past.
But if you try to talk crap about my mum,
then I'll unleash all my female hormones on your buttocks.

Point is.
Don't try to bad mouth my country.
Don't try to paint everything on the negative side.
Don't say every Malteser is rude just because you met one rude Malteser.

Because in MY country
if you're living here
and you try to bad-mouth us,
and expect us to smile back and sit back and listen to your holy opinion,
let's just say - that's not going to happen.

If you don't like it - you're welcome to leave.
I'll even send you unicorns to pack your bags for you.

Because I love my country.
And yes - I criticise it quite a few in hope for certain changes
which I'm sure will never happen.
But I love it with all its flaws.

And you pin pointing at all our flaws and saying what a crappy country it is because of it,
not mentioning any positive aspects,
 you're just being plain rude.

Because over here - Malta that is -
is one of the safest countries,
we've got lots of beaches for you to enjoy
which are minutes away from pretty much anywhere.
We're friendly - not all of us - but most of us are.
We make you feel welcome and we help you when you're lost and ask questions.
Everything is on a minor scale,
and things happen but
 I wouldn't change my home country for the world.
Enjoy Malta, but please don't bad-mouth it.

(P.S. Because I so expect the annoying comment saying "YOU MALTESE PEOPLE DON'T ACCEPT CRITICISM!" - It's not criticism when you ONLY mention the negative aspects, it's not criticism when you say all Maltese people are loud when the ratio of loud Maltese people you've met is 1:100.)

OH - AND Just in case I sounded all anti-foreigners,
 some of the nicest people I've met on this island ARE foreigners.

- Dyna

Saturday, August 16, 2014


This post is a reaction to Christa Boffa's post over HERE.
She's a fab blogger - LOVE her posts.
She pointed out how some people were pointing at a breastfeeding mother as if they've never seen a boob.


As a breastfeeding mama - I so appreciated that.
I have never been scorned at for breastfeeding,
but it angers me that some breastfeeding mums are disrespected in such a way.

No disrespect to parents who formula-feed their babies. But some people ACTUALLY THINK formula is better for baby because well, it's man made. Breastfeeding is scientifically proven to be best for baby. P.S This is a fact, not an opinion. #jussayin
And for people to make breastfeeding mums feel uncomfortable because they are FEEDING their baby is just PURE IGNORANCE. And don't start with telling me they could pump out the milk and feed the baby through a bottle. If you're not making their life better and shoving your ignorance down your throat why should they ?