Friday, April 11, 2014


As you might know I'm a beauty blogger
but I'm also a big mouthed highly opinionated 
individual you see. 

I literally just read this article HERE
And to cut the long article short, 

it's basically a teacher moaning about the younger generation
 being on and being rude and such.

I rolled my eyes throughout the article. 
To put things into perspective
I am a 22 year old university communications graduate. 
I used to work as a teacher to foreign students for a little over a year (mainly teenagers). 

I don't know what's with Maltese people (maybe it's not just the Maltese people)
but we like to complain, and we like to have our say about everything
and moan about everything. 

And obviously I'm Maltese so I'm going to moan about the moaning people. 

Back when I was in Form 4 - I remember we had this cool English teacher 
and he was just talking to us in class. 
He said that when the older generations moan about our generation
we shouldn't take notice, 
because when he was younger (he was probaby mid-40s back then)
the older generations complained about them. 
Whenever the newer technologies popped up - 
from TVs to telephones to mobile phones and what not
the older-not-used-to-the-new-technologies generations
moaned about new technologies and how it is affecting society. 
Moaning that the younger people are spoiled brats 
who don't appreciate anything and respect the older generation. 

The moaners moan about ASK.FM and the bullying it comes with. 
As if bullying was not an issue in the past. 
As if ASK.FM invented it. 

I was a teenager once, 
I used to be on HI5
and post about "messiv najts" and
adding people I don't know 
talking to strangers on the web too. 

What happened ?
I grew up. 
I'm way more mature now and I don't do that anymore. 
Do I regret doing that?
I was a teenager, 
and if you are one - 
it's OKAY.
Ignore the moaners who are trying to make you feel like crap. 

I have one advice for you. 
You're a teenager. 
ENJOY your teenage life. 
Be stupid if you have to. 
and just be YOU. 
 - Dyna

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HOW TO AVOID WRITERS BLOCK! + What does Daphne Caruana Galizia do when she poops?

One Word. 


Yes you heard me. 
Keep a notebook with you,
and as you're in traffic or going home from school with the bus or whatever 
write things down. 

Take it with you in the toilet if you have to. 
I swear, 56.98% of the best ideas come out of there.
Daphne Caruana Galizia does it (SO NOT TRUE- or is it?)
To this day that will remain a mystery. 
A nobody-wants-to-know mystery.

I've heard people saying that instead of reading shampoo labels,
 they do that and it works for them. 

Oh and btw - 
I totally made that percentage up, so don't you go around quoting me. 

Whenever an idea pops in that dusty brain of yours, write it down. 
That's what I do. 

I don't ALWAYS feel like writing, 
and like filming videos
and I don't ALWAYS have the time. 
But forcing myself into having to post every single day
can take a toll on the self-stressing levels that I impose on myself. 

So I do it when I have time, when I feel like it 
and I always do it with passion #OHYEAH

I swear if someone told me to sit in front of a laptop and type a blog post 
 I would not manage to.

So jotting down ideas and posts whenever you feel like is the BEST thing
you can do to avoid writers block
- at least it works pour moi.

Over & Out

Monday, April 7, 2014

What's with people these days?! Naked shoots with your baby?!

I have tried multiple times,
but my mouth can't be sealed shut
when I see parents wrapped in towels taking NAKED photos with the baby!
I've heard of naked baby photos 
- nothing wrong with that - 
as long as you keep them in your photo album.

And whilst I honestly believe they should be off facebook 
along with all minors' photos
(as I have previously explained
plenty of times in my posts)
WTH is wrong with people?!
Why do parents feel the need to take a photoshoot with their newborn naked, 
wrapped in just towels?
Why the heck would you want to post it on facebook?!
No! - seriously!  I almost threw up in my mouth.

Not the first photoshoot I've seen.
Do you think you're being artistic?

WEIRDOS, I tell you, weirdos everywhere.

Over & Out

Friday, April 4, 2014

Seems like I'm getting hated on... so I decided to quit Youtube and blogging, I'm shutting it all down by tonight...

 Seems like I'm getting hated on... 
so I decided to quit Youtube and blogging,   
I'm shutting it all down by tonight, 
then I'm going to munch on chocolate and cookies,
 microwavable popcorn and pizza,
 and cry myself to sleep.  
Yes, it's all true my dears, except for the quitting, crying and shutting down parts. 

 If you're still lost in the words, 
NO I'm not going to quit youtube or blogging. 

I hate the word "haters" 
because it makes me feel like I'm some wannabe celebrity. 
But what else do you call someone 
who is trying to do you harm, 
trying to hurt you
and stopping you from doing what you love?

 There used to be a time when "haters"
used to get  to me.
I used to get offended and every little comment 
that would somehow be on the negative side I'd take SO personally. 
And now I notice these things and I honestly say.. 
"what would really make these people happy?"
It's quitting what I love to do 
- the one thing that annoys them most.
They can't bully me into stopping this. 
They just can't.

But that doesn't mean I have to stop having my own fun out of the situation. 

So if YOU read this title saying "FINALLY!". This is for you.
Telling you that you'll never stop me, 
your comments don't have ANY effect whatsoever on what I do. 
I am never going to do this type of post, again, 
because I think I have made myself very clear.
And you need to go suck a lemon or something. 

If YOU've read the title and you got disappointed, 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart
for supporting me 
-even if you never comment, 
but if you watch my videos or read my posts, 
THAT already means a lot to me. 
That was my primary reason to start this channel, 
posting what I love to post about -
that's what I do.
I feel I've grown so much over the past years,
I'm not afraid to do something that might not be endorsed by everyone. 
I've learned not to play it safe. 
I've learned to be me, 
and shut out all negativity. 
And if you have a challenging period going on in your life, 

REMEMBER to value the people that would want  put you in a better place 
not the ones who would want to take you down. 

Over & Out. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I don't typically do this type-of-thing.

But I honestly believe no pastor and no other human being for the matter has a right to tell people what they can or cannot do in their lives.
So Gordon Manche collected 10,000 signatures against gay civil unions bill.
Let's collect 10,000 signatures against HIS petition.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maltese 'pastizzi' facing extinction because of EU standards?

Times of Malta just published an article - READ HERE-
stating thatEU claims Maltese pastizzi recipe needs to be revised or they will face extinction
Their reasoning: it will reduce obesity by 4.3%. 

I am Maltese - and I am NOT obese. 
Maltese obese people are not obese because of pastizzis. 
They are obese because when they eat, they eat huge portions. 
 And without needing to sound like I'm judging anyone who's obese or whatever, 
I used to be a waitress - 
and whenever someone obese came along, 
requesting a heavy duty chair because they're scared of breaking the normal ones, 
it's not pastizzis they ate (they didn't serve pastizzi where I was working.)

NO - they typically ordered:
A FULL PORTION of spaghetti bolognese as a starter
500gr RIB EYE with mushroom sauce + chips and salad
A slice of APPLE PIE with vanilla icecream (bear in mind I'd be full with just the apple pie)
And some 8 chocolate milkshakes throughout. 

And EU blames pastizzis.
Because all other junk food is NOT fattening, no. 
And by removing pastizzis, obese Maltese won't find alternatives.

I actually think the whole 350 calories per pastizz is too much, 
so yes, revamping the recipe would be great because of the healthier option, 
but threatening to remove our most famous pastizzi..

This better be an April's fool's joke. 
And I'm not even kidding.

EDIT!! : Apparently so it is. HA!