Monday, March 31, 2014

I HATE IT when people say ASK.FM should be shut down.

I HATE IT when people say ASK.FM should be shut down.
Honestly, You should teach your children NOT to use such applications.
Anonymity ALWAYS leads to bullying!
Anonymity is not only available on ASK.FM, 
anyone can create a fake profile these days, 
and hide behind someone else's identity.
I'm all out for protecting children.
Then yet again, children SHOULD NOT be on facebook.
If it's ok for your teenage daughter to be on facebook, 
MONITOR her use of facebook the whole time. 
Be-friend her on facebook so you can see what she's doing. 

Anonymity is available ALL over the internet in different forms.
So shall we shut down the internet just because 
YOU are NOT teaching your child how to use it properly
and how to manage anonymous situations?

STOP blaming applications. STOP blaming other people. 
Bullying IS wrong - but we, as parents, 
MUST NOT - EVER- allow the opportunity for cyber bullying, 
wherever we can control it. 

Take care of your children, ASK.FM won't do it, 
Facebook won't do it, 
because it's YOUR JOB.
Over & Out.


Friday, March 14, 2014

My 2 cents about this youtube thing.

As you might know I've shifted more on youtube and set my "blogging" aside. 
Of course, I still post on my blog - mainly videos - 
but there's a reason why I had to do this. 

I lost my passion for blogging. 
I lost it, and I lost it ages ago. 
I found it boring, 
and I was finding it to be tedious to blog. 

I still wanted to blog. 
I wanted to blog for a long time. 
And I have been blogging a long time. 
But it didn't feel like it was for me. 
It was a stepping stone. 
This is my 4th year in the blogging world.

And while it might seem like not that long, 
in the blogging world - that's a LONG LONG time. 

I am not the type of person who went into this thing for the popularity, 
for the events or the opportunities. NO
I LOVE makeup, and I want to share that passion with the world. 
I looked up - and still do - at beauty gurus 
and find the whole thing so alluring. 

But youtube is a cruel place to be. 
Blogging is "safe". 
You're hiding behind a screen and no one has any idea who you are,
 how you truly are in real life. 

Youtube is different. 
And if you've never been in front of a camera, you wouldn't understand. 
A lot of you are thinking - 
Oh I hate it when someone films me, I find it awkward.
I'm not talking about that. 
I'm talking about switching on the camera and just being you. 

When I film videos for youtube, I feel like I'm at home - 
it's something I've always dreamt of doing. 
And I'm doing it now - full time. 
It's difficult to call it full time because aside from the fact that it's my hobby, 
I DON'T earn a full-time-job pay from it. 
So let's call it a full time hobby. 

This full time hobby of mine, consumes a lot of my time, 
and I don't mind that one bit. 
I've stopped working and I'm the stay at home mum, 
something I never quite wanted to be - 
hold on - hold on I'm not done yet. 

This was my decision, and whilst two sentences ago 
it might have seemed like I'm not happy, that's so not the case. 

You see - I have a super supportive boyfriend, 
he motivates me and encourages me to do this youtube thing. 
So by being that stay-at-home mum, I can do this youtube thing.
If I didn't have his support I don't think I would have continued to do this, 
just because a lot of people like to pin-point at this youtube thing as a "lame" thing. 

I've had so many people "trying" to make fun of me for doing youtube. 
I was actually one of the firsts in Malta who started doing beauty videos. 
One of the very firsts, if not the first one. 
I deleted the very first few videos, 
because of the trash-talk from people. 
But being the first - or one of the first, is not always a good thing. 

Back when I started blogging it was still a lame thing to do - 
now everyone's popping blogs just because 
they have the support of the ones that have been blogging for a long time.
It's no longer something lame, it's no longer a tough place to be.
To put things into perspective -
Back when we started bloggers meet ups -
it was mainly because we wanted to find the support in each other, 
because we all found it rather tough to deal with the people who found this lame.

I've come at a point where a don't give a flying muffin 
about what people think. 
I get invited to sooo many events, 
and I'm not bothered to go to all of them. 

I love getting feedback on this youtube thing, 
I love getting comments, and likes - 
and I used to disable ratings because dislikes used to get to me, 
and honestly - now I don't care if I get them.
I care about the likes.
I care about the comments, 
the readers, 
and everyone who supports me. 

And if anyone thinks of me as this lame-girl-doing-youtube-makeup-videos, 
so be it. 

I am doing what I love and I'm eternally grateful to anyone who supports me doing it. 
Over & Out!


Updates..  updates. 

 So today's there's going to be an early upload because today's video is 26 minutes long - I kid you not - but it's soooo worth watching I'm telling you. 

 I also got sick so I don't think I will be filming today. I have a cold and I'm wearing this beak type of thing that they wear in construction so I won't pass it on to Aicha. 

 I'm thinking about doing a labour/delivery story but I'm kind of skeptical about it. I mean they're facts and I think it's nice to share that with you guys .. but it's something personal. I don't mind telling people I meet about it.. but to have it on youtube.. I don't know. Let me know if you d like to see a video like that.

 I'm baking banana bread this morning because I had some ripe bananas in the fridge and I want to give it a go. It's not smelling all that nice though, honestly.. mm. will update you. 

Aicha's growing up wayy too fast-  she's 3 months tomorrow, and she's such a happy baby - she smiles all the time and I can tell she has a bubbly personality already. 

I made some changes on my youtube channel.. can you spot them?