Thursday, August 21, 2014

MALTA. & All who try to degrade it

Valletta, Malta: A George Cross marks the spot
photo source:

This is a reaction as with most posts over here.

I am Maltese.
And goddamn it I'm REAL proud of that.
Which is why I've slathered the "Maltese" part all over my social networks -
I do beauty videos on youtube.
Which is considered rather weird by some over here.
But that's okay.

I LOVE doing it -
and for every person who tries to make fun of me doing youtube
I have 100 who watch my videos.
So - pretty happy in that regard.

NOW. Onto my point.
Because I do sometimes make fun of stuff I see in my country.

I AM ALLOWED to pin point at negative stuff in Malta,
but if you're a foreigner living here and you try to bad mouth my country,


Because you see - this is my country,
and just like if I wanted to say something bad about my mum because she's angered me
(sorry ma - trying to make a point over here)
I CAN. Because she's my mum.
And I'd take it back the next second
and pin point at all the beautiful things she's done for me in the past.
But if you try to talk crap about my mum,
then I'll unleash all my female hormones on your buttocks.

Point is.
Don't try to bad mouth my country.
Don't try to paint everything on the negative side.
Don't say every Malteser is rude just because you met one rude Malteser.

Because in MY country
if you're living here
and you try to bad-mouth us,
and expect us to smile back and sit back and listen to your holy opinion,
let's just say - that's not going to happen.

If you don't like it - you're welcome to leave.
I'll even send you unicorns to pack your bags for you.

Because I love my country.
And yes - I criticise it quite a few in hope for certain changes
which I'm sure will never happen.
But I love it with all its flaws.

And you pin pointing at all our flaws and saying what a crappy country it is because of it,
not mentioning any positive aspects,
 you're just being plain rude.

Because over here - Malta that is -
is one of the safest countries,
we've got lots of beaches for you to enjoy
which are minutes away from pretty much anywhere.
We're friendly - not all of us - but most of us are.
We make you feel welcome and we help you when you're lost and ask questions.
Everything is on a minor scale,
and things happen but
 I wouldn't change my home country for the world.
Enjoy Malta, but please don't bad-mouth it.

(P.S. Because I so expect the annoying comment saying "YOU MALTESE PEOPLE DON'T ACCEPT CRITICISM!" - It's not criticism when you ONLY mention the negative aspects, it's not criticism when you say all Maltese people are loud when the ratio of loud Maltese people you've met is 1:100.)

OH - AND Just in case I sounded all anti-foreigners,
 some of the nicest people I've met on this island ARE foreigners.

- Dyna

Saturday, August 16, 2014


This post is a reaction to Christa Boffa's post over HERE.
She's a fab blogger - LOVE her posts.
She pointed out how some people were pointing at a breastfeeding mother as if they've never seen a boob.


As a breastfeeding mama - I so appreciated that.
I have never been scorned at for breastfeeding,
but it angers me that some breastfeeding mums are disrespected in such a way.

No disrespect to parents who formula-feed their babies. But some people ACTUALLY THINK formula is better for baby because well, it's man made. Breastfeeding is scientifically proven to be best for baby. P.S This is a fact, not an opinion. #jussayin
And for people to make breastfeeding mums feel uncomfortable because they are FEEDING their baby is just PURE IGNORANCE. And don't start with telling me they could pump out the milk and feed the baby through a bottle. If you're not making their life better and shoving your ignorance down your throat why should they ?



Saturday, June 28, 2014

LET'S NOT CALL IT A DIET + Did I wear a bikini? + TIPS

Remember I started a Let's not call it a diet series
in order for me to get in a bikini this summer?

I actually stopped the diet - thing,
and I'm just eating whatever I want.

And somehow (I credit breastfeeding)
I have been losing weight, I'm getting in a better shape

I have realised that you do not need to be in your best shape to get in a bikini.
Any of you out there having insecurities because of what people would say,
You are beautiful, and if you'd like to wear a bikini.
The heck - do it.
And play some beach volleyball while you're at it.

Life is all about smiling, having fun with your loved ones
and making memories.
Don't let your body weight issues stop you.

And don't be too hard on yourself when dieting.
From my experience,
the more you see that you're progressing,
we keep stressing on how far our goal is 
as opposed to realising how far we've come.
And we need to realise that we need to love ourselves at whatever point we're at.

Whatever goal you might have, always think of how far you've come!

I have given birth to a baby 6 and a half months ago.
My skin is not as firm as it used to
my butt is not as perky as it used to
I have stretchmarks,
linea negra
I'm pale because I haven't been tanning
I might not have the best bikini body
but I'm happy to have been swimming
and I can't wait to take Aicha too!

And so should you - don't let your physical issues get in the way of your happiness
And while you're at it - STRUT YOUR STUFF (as it is) and HAVE FUN!

- Dyna

Friday, May 30, 2014



I almost didn't post this today
but I did and here goes what I ate.

Here goes my favourite breakfast,
I used to have this everyday when I was in my first trimester of pregnancy,
It was the only thing I would hold in.
It's a boiled egg, and three slices of sandwich with tomato spread(literally - I spread the tomato)
, salt, pepper and oil. And this really makes me feel full throughout the day.

In fact..

I only got hungry around 4pm-ish, and made some pasta with mushroom sauce.
Didn't like it all that much to be honest so I'm going to spare the details.

Then in the evening I wasn't that hungry but I felt like toast with butter and I had just that.

And that's it.
A glass of orange juice and lots of water!

I actually did some 60 squats today.
and that explains why I feel so sore today LOL.

PS. Because I feel like someone WILL comment about it.
I wasn't starving myself,
I was busy saving up back up for files
and with Aicha and all that,
so that's why I didn't eat all that much,
plus that breakfast truly did make me feel full for a long time.
Oh and I got up late as well. So that breakfast happened around midday.

ANYWHO - that concludes it,
and stay tuned for DAY 5!



Thursday, May 29, 2014


DAY 3!

OK so I started off the day with an egg toast.
I messed up the egg so ended up putting it in the toast LOL.

Oh and juice of course.

BTW. I want to try coconut water. I tried looking for it the other day at the supermarket but the staff didn't even know about it.
I heard PAVI stocks it.
Have you tried it? Does it taste like coconut?
Or what - so curious!

Like the day before -
I had this tuna bread whatever with tomatoes - what you see x2
- cos I cook them separately so they stay nice and hot.

In the evening I had a salad. It had lettuce, red lettuce, tomatoes, green olives,
benna mozzarella and 3 chicken skewer things.

For dressing - I use balsamic vinegar, olive oil,
fresh black pepper and salt.
Love it!

And I kind of got hungry in the evening - like an hour later,
so - and I was debating about having this,
but I had cookies and milk. The milk part is healthy obviously,
and the cookies are like 50 kcal per cookie -
and even though it's a lot,
they well WORTH IT.
I deserved a treat, no?

As far as drinks,
just water, a glass of orange juice and half a glass of milk.
Tomorrow I'm starting posting about exercise-
 So stay tuned for that !

BTW - Aicha is eating a whole peach everyday.
Such a proud mama I am!


EASY! HOW TO: Install, Sign up for and Use/ Access Instagram on PC / Windows / MAC !

Don't have an Iphone? 
I hear you. 
I still use one of them unbreakable NOKIA phones and I drop it pretty much everyday, 
at least once a day. 

So I wanted INSTAGRAM.
And you can't sign up for instagram 
or post photos via their website. 
You have to have an Iphone or an IPAD
or whatever. 

So if your question is - 
Can I install INSTAGRAM via my PC ? 
-The answer is YES. 
Can I post photos on INSTAGRAM when on my PC? 
-T he answer is YES.
Do I pay?
-NO - It's completely FREE. 
Is it complicated? 
-Not really. 
How do I do it?
-HERE you go -->


 DOWNLOAD Bluestacks App Player -
 CLICK HERE - works on XP, Vista, Win 7/8, 
There's a separate link for MAC OSX 

After downloading and it loads, 
Search for INSTAGRAM on it - and download it through Google Play 
(you need to have a google account for this one, or just make a quick one!)

That was easy and quick right?
- You can sign up, post photos, follow your friends, use, access and like and whatever else you do on there!

FYI - My INSTAGRAM is   dyna_mua and I would so appreciate it if you guys follow. 
Make sure you LIKE my facebook page y'all (EASY ACCESS ON THE SIDE)
and SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel (EASY ACCESS FURTHER UP)
Any questions - throw them in the comment section
and you'll get a reply in a jiffy!


Wednesday, May 28, 2014



Ok so - so far so good.
Day ONE went well,
but I realised I needed to amp my calories a bit and needed to
focus more on carbohydrates
because I was still hungry
and if the concept of
was true - in the literal sense,
I had just become a vegetable.

SO here's how DAY #2 went..

Started off with some toast + butter.
And as I'm typing I just realised I've become that crazy person to photograph everything I eat
just so I can share it. LOL. Not cool.

I got up early, so before lunch time I got hungry and had some Weetabix too.
With semi-skimmed milk.
And no sugar, I don't really like to put sugars in my cereals.
Unless it's sugar puffs and that has  loads of sugar in it
- then I LOVE sugar.

and whilst this may look gross to some of you, and I don't blame you for thinking that.
It's just a mix of veggies (cabbage, potatoes, carrots, green beans, broccoli and califlower)
and eggs. I kind of fried them, but without oil.
So whatever that process is called, I did that.

Okay so I was still hungry, after that egg-veggie thing.
I mean not immediately hungry,
but after an hour
I felt so weak and hungry,
I guess the lack of carbohydrates were getting to me.
And since it was still early in the day I needed my energy up.
So I did this thing that my awesome mum-in-law used to cook for me when
I was pregnant (She cooked loads of stuff but this one was one of my favourites).
It's basically bread cut in half 
with tuna, tomatoes, mozzarella and I threw on some mint on top and black olives.
It's lovely and really quick and easy to do.
So I had what you saw in the picture times two.

For dinner I made some roast potatoes (threw in some spray oil or whatever you call that)
with BACON! and if you know me, you have to know I LOVE BACON.
I put it in pretty much everything and I go through some 5 packs per week.
Oh and the meat is pork medallion.
I cooked that with some garlic and some spray oil.
I didn't really have the sauce btw.
I did that so my plate looks prett-ay :D.

Oh oh oh and this is my favourite part. MICROWAVABLE POPCORN.
I'm loving the butter flavoured one.
It tastes soooo good when it's still warm!
I had like 1/3 of the bag.
But don't judge me, okay.

Oh and here I threw in a photo of my orange juice.
Becasuse I'm a gangster like that.
Okay, okay - I did that just so I remember to tell you guys what I've been drinking.
I drink lots of water (ALWAYS) but I
sometimes drink ice tea peach,
and that has lots of calories in it,
so I'm no longer drinking that.
Throughout these past two days I literally had half a glass of diet sprite
but that's about it.
Oh and of course the juice.
I have a glass of orange juice per day.
I LOVE the Tropicana with juicy bits so I buy that stuff
because I'm too lazy to squeeze oranges.
I actually do have oranges but hate squeezing them.

I don't want to drink my calories. 
I want to focus on eating them,
so that's another thing I'm doing.

Okay -
so that's DAY #2

Tips, tricks, suggestions and all that jazz are always welcome.
Tell me wherever whenever


Tuesday, May 27, 2014


In my previous post I explained to you guys how I have started a healthier eating diet
type of diet.
But then again I hate the word 'diet' so let's not call it a diet.

So this is what I ate on DAY #1 - meaning yesterday.

So I started off with two slices of toast with butter.
I could live off this stuff!

I had some Fitness cereal with semi-skimmed milk.
I actually prefer whole milk but whole milk was expiring in like 3 days
 and semi-skimmed was expiring in like 4.
So I got semi-skimmed. BOO

I made a salad. And whilst I typically don't like salads all that much,
I did enjoy it. Lettuce, Red Lettuce
(if that's what's it called - LOL I'm dumb when it comes to veggie names),
and  tomatoes.
and threw on two steam fried -then-grilled chicken kebabs.
(For my Maltese readers I got these from Miracle Foods
and they're precooked, so I just cooked them in the convection oven a bit.)
As a salad dressing I used balsamic vinegar, olive oil and ground salt and pepper.

As a snack I had two plums.
(I actually had to google this one, LOL I literally had no idea that these are what plums are.
Plum is a colour to me #dumblady)

In the evening I had two bowls of veggie soup..
I made it! #ohyeah

And I was still hungry so an hour later I made a salad again. Same as before but with Benna mozzarella - which btw is VERY rich in protein and low in fat.


I didn't feel full at the end of the night.
And I had SO much cravings,
but I resisted.

I think calorie-count wise, looking back, I didn't take enough.
and it's too veggie-based as a diet.
More carbohydrates HERE I COME.

Any cooking ideas ? Suggestions?
I'd love to hear!


FIRST IMPRESSIONS + DEMO! | RIMMEL Match Perfection Concealer ! ❤ -- DYNA

Monday, May 26, 2014



So in the coming weeks I'm going to do my very best
to change a certain lifestyle that I've adopted.
As you might know,
I've given birth 5 and a half months ago.

Throughout my pregnancy I have gained weight throughout.

I am blessed with AWESOME genetics,
putting weight I gain on my butt and bust area.
Well, I used to.
Bloody hell I'm jealous of my younger self.

Throughout my pregnancy I gained weight in my arms, belly,
butt, bust, face and my personal least favourite,

Now post pregnancy I have lost pretty much all the weight,
and I'm saggy.
I was putting salt on my fries the other day and for all
I know I was waving and my boyfriend with my jiggly arms.

And yes at first glance, I'm skinny.
But I'm shapeless.
I am muscle-less,
and quite frankly,
I feel rather weak.

I used to go for walks with my mum
but I HATE exercise other than that.
I hate sports and I hate it all.

SO. I have decided to start a challenge.
The healthier eating challenge,
and exercising challenge.

Whilst I'm not keen on the exercising part,
I've already made changes on the former part.
Oh yeah.

And you guys are coming on a journey with yours truly throughout this
healthier toning up challenge.

Something you need to know is that I'm still breastfeeding so that requires me to eat some 1800-2000 calories per day
so I can't cut down lots.
I have to try and find alternatives to my snacking.
Try to eat more organic,
more veggies, more fruits
and portion control is something I have to keep in mind too.

I need to tone up my butt (as weird as that sounds).
It has shrunk. GONE.
And to make it worse
I've got love handles,
something I never had before.
and I look like a box from the behind.

I want to gain a bit of a muscle
and get rid of the cellulite on my thighs.
And I want to continue eating healthy, too.

And FINALLY I want to wear a bikini and feel confident in it.

That's about it!
And I'll see you next time.



Friday, May 9, 2014

And like the dramatic person that I am, here's AN ANNOUNCEMENT.

I have been contemplating about doing this.
And a part of me (still) doesn't want me to do this.
I enjoy uploading videos and getting feedback from you all.

I promised to upload daily videos
-which I can do, technically-
I have 10 pre filmed videos to upload
They are edited and ready to be uploaded.
So what's the problem?

The problem is that I got bored with blogging in the first place
because I promised to post daily.
And I'm doing the same thing here.

Whilst a 10 minute video might not seem like it's a lot to some of you,
it actually takes me hours to edit, save, upload, publish and edit the description and thumbnail.

This is my hobby.
And this post is a reminder of that.
I should not make the mistake of turning something that I enjoy doing
into a daily task.

I might still upload stuff daily,
but I have taken my "NEW VIDEO DAILY" banners down.
I'm just going to upload whenever I feel like it.
I hope you guys understand.

I would like to continue uploading videos that you all enjoy
and just like a dear friend of mine told me,
if I don't enjoy doing it, I can't expect you to do so too.

I'm not sure if I'm uploading today.
Because, again, I don't feel like it this second.
I might change my mind and upload.

But the thing is, I have removed all the self-imposed duties
that I have done over the past few months.
I don't want to feel like I have to film, edit and upload.
I want to feel like I want to.

Someone asked me what do I do in my free time,
other than youtube.
And I literally could not think of an answer.
I don't do anything anymore just for me,
except for youtube videos.
And that is wrong of me.

So while the sun is out,
I'm going to slather on some makeup
(because I look like a ghost without it)
and go for a walk with Aicha
because I've pretty much never done that.

Hope you all have a great day,
and till the next video,
I'll see you guys later!


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mummy at 22.

Whilst I don't really like to talk about my private life on my blogs,
except for some issues,
I really wanted to write this blog post.

I'm 22. I got pregnant at 21,
I now have a daughter at 22 years old.
She's almost 5 months already,
and her name is Aicha.

And here's all I have to say about it.

Aicha came across as a surprise
(I hate the phrase 'unplanned pregnancy', you see).
I (now regretfully) cried when we found out.
I freaked out because I felt I was not ready to raise a human being.

I had plans to continue my studies (I have a B.Comm with English)
and was working as an English teacher for foreign students for a few months.
And I wanted a full time job.  
 But I didn't quite care about my plans, I swear.
They're just plans.
I just didn't know if I was ready to have a baby.
But I was going to.
I was pregnant.

So we made plans.
WE (me and my boyfriend - because no, we're not married)
love each other A LOT.
We know we want to be with each other.
Not because we were going to have a baby, no.
We knew long before then.

I am what you can call - a single parent,
 because I'm not married.
So technically I fall under that statistic.
I don't feel alone, or 'single'.
Because I'm not.

I am a happy mother of a 5 month old
in a happy relationship.
My daughter is healthy,
and she makes my day every time I hear her crackle a laugh.

and even though she came across a surprise,
I wouldn't have it any other way.

I used to watch people who have had unplanned pregnancies
saying if they had a choice and go back,
they would do things exactly the same
because they can't imagine their life without their son or their daughter.

Back then,
I thought they just said it
because they didn't feel like they had a choice.

But honestly,
I feel that same way, too.

If I were to postpone the pregnancy,
I probably wouldn't have the Aicha I know now,
she'd probably be different,
she might even be a boy.
And I love my daughter, as she is.
And the thought of not having her in my life
scares me.
Screw my previous plans!
Because now, I have even more beautiful plans,
one that includes my daughter in them.

 I want to embrace and enjoy every stage of her growing up.
I want her to be there when something nice happens to me.
I want to share it with her, with my boyfriend,
because they mean the world to me.
And without her as she is,
I don't know what it would be like to be me.


Friday, April 11, 2014


As you might know I'm a beauty blogger
but I'm also a big mouthed highly opinionated 
individual you see. 

I literally just read this article HERE
And to cut the long article short, 

it's basically a teacher moaning about the younger generation
 being on and being rude and such.

I rolled my eyes throughout the article. 
To put things into perspective
I am a 22 year old university communications graduate. 
I used to work as a teacher to foreign students for a little over a year (mainly teenagers). 

I don't know what's with Maltese people (maybe it's not just the Maltese people)
but we like to complain, and we like to have our say about everything
and moan about everything. 

And obviously I'm Maltese so I'm going to moan about the moaning people. 

Back when I was in Form 4 - I remember we had this cool English teacher 
and he was just talking to us in class. 
He said that when the older generations moan about our generation
we shouldn't take notice, 
because when he was younger (he was probaby mid-40s back then)
the older generations complained about them. 
Whenever the newer technologies popped up - 
from TVs to telephones to mobile phones and what not
the older-not-used-to-the-new-technologies generations
moaned about new technologies and how it is affecting society. 
Moaning that the younger people are spoiled brats 
who don't appreciate anything and respect the older generation. 

The moaners moan about ASK.FM and the bullying it comes with. 
As if bullying was not an issue in the past. 
As if ASK.FM invented it. 

I was a teenager once, 
I used to be on HI5
and post about "messiv najts" and
adding people I don't know 
talking to strangers on the web too. 

What happened ?
I grew up. 
I'm way more mature now and I don't do that anymore. 
Do I regret doing that?
I was a teenager, 
and if you are one - 
it's OKAY.
Ignore the moaners who are trying to make you feel like crap. 

I have one advice for you. 
You're a teenager. 
ENJOY your teenage life. 
Be stupid if you have to. 
and just be YOU. 
 - Dyna

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HOW TO AVOID WRITERS BLOCK! + What does Daphne Caruana Galizia do when she poops?

One Word. 


Yes you heard me. 
Keep a notebook with you,
and as you're in traffic or going home from school with the bus or whatever 
write things down. 

Take it with you in the toilet if you have to. 
I swear, 56.98% of the best ideas come out of there.
Daphne Caruana Galizia does it (SO NOT TRUE- or is it?)
To this day that will remain a mystery. 
A nobody-wants-to-know mystery.

I've heard people saying that instead of reading shampoo labels,
 they do that and it works for them. 

Oh and btw - 
I totally made that percentage up, so don't you go around quoting me. 

Whenever an idea pops in that dusty brain of yours, write it down. 
That's what I do. 

I don't ALWAYS feel like writing, 
and like filming videos
and I don't ALWAYS have the time. 
But forcing myself into having to post every single day
can take a toll on the self-stressing levels that I impose on myself. 

So I do it when I have time, when I feel like it 
and I always do it with passion #OHYEAH

I swear if someone told me to sit in front of a laptop and type a blog post 
 I would not manage to.

So jotting down ideas and posts whenever you feel like is the BEST thing
you can do to avoid writers block
- at least it works pour moi.

Over & Out

Monday, April 7, 2014

What's with people these days?! Naked shoots with your baby?!

I have tried multiple times,
but my mouth can't be sealed shut
when I see parents wrapped in towels taking NAKED photos with the baby!
I've heard of naked baby photos 
- nothing wrong with that - 
as long as you keep them in your photo album.

And whilst I honestly believe they should be off facebook 
along with all minors' photos
(as I have previously explained
plenty of times in my posts)
WTH is wrong with people?!
Why do parents feel the need to take a photoshoot with their newborn naked, 
wrapped in just towels?
Why the heck would you want to post it on facebook?!
No! - seriously!  I almost threw up in my mouth.

Not the first photoshoot I've seen.
Do you think you're being artistic?

WEIRDOS, I tell you, weirdos everywhere.

Over & Out

Friday, April 4, 2014

Seems like I'm getting hated on... so I decided to quit Youtube and blogging, I'm shutting it all down by tonight...

 Seems like I'm getting hated on... 
so I decided to quit Youtube and blogging,   
I'm shutting it all down by tonight, 
then I'm going to munch on chocolate and cookies,
 microwavable popcorn and pizza,
 and cry myself to sleep.  
Yes, it's all true my dears, except for the quitting, crying and shutting down parts. 

 If you're still lost in the words, 
NO I'm not going to quit youtube or blogging. 

I hate the word "haters" 
because it makes me feel like I'm some wannabe celebrity. 
But what else do you call someone 
who is trying to do you harm, 
trying to hurt you
and stopping you from doing what you love?

 There used to be a time when "haters"
used to get  to me.
I used to get offended and every little comment 
that would somehow be on the negative side I'd take SO personally. 
And now I notice these things and I honestly say.. 
"what would really make these people happy?"
It's quitting what I love to do 
- the one thing that annoys them most.
They can't bully me into stopping this. 
They just can't.

But that doesn't mean I have to stop having my own fun out of the situation. 

So if YOU read this title saying "FINALLY!". This is for you.
Telling you that you'll never stop me, 
your comments don't have ANY effect whatsoever on what I do. 
I am never going to do this type of post, again, 
because I think I have made myself very clear.
And you need to go suck a lemon or something. 

If YOU've read the title and you got disappointed, 
I thank you from the bottom of my heart
for supporting me 
-even if you never comment, 
but if you watch my videos or read my posts, 
THAT already means a lot to me. 
That was my primary reason to start this channel, 
posting what I love to post about -
that's what I do.
I feel I've grown so much over the past years,
I'm not afraid to do something that might not be endorsed by everyone. 
I've learned not to play it safe. 
I've learned to be me, 
and shut out all negativity. 
And if you have a challenging period going on in your life, 

REMEMBER to value the people that would want  put you in a better place 
not the ones who would want to take you down. 

Over & Out. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I don't typically do this type-of-thing.

But I honestly believe no pastor and no other human being for the matter has a right to tell people what they can or cannot do in their lives.
So Gordon Manche collected 10,000 signatures against gay civil unions bill.
Let's collect 10,000 signatures against HIS petition.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maltese 'pastizzi' facing extinction because of EU standards?

Times of Malta just published an article - READ HERE-
stating thatEU claims Maltese pastizzi recipe needs to be revised or they will face extinction
Their reasoning: it will reduce obesity by 4.3%. 

I am Maltese - and I am NOT obese. 
Maltese obese people are not obese because of pastizzis. 
They are obese because when they eat, they eat huge portions. 
 And without needing to sound like I'm judging anyone who's obese or whatever, 
I used to be a waitress - 
and whenever someone obese came along, 
requesting a heavy duty chair because they're scared of breaking the normal ones, 
it's not pastizzis they ate (they didn't serve pastizzi where I was working.)

NO - they typically ordered:
A FULL PORTION of spaghetti bolognese as a starter
500gr RIB EYE with mushroom sauce + chips and salad
A slice of APPLE PIE with vanilla icecream (bear in mind I'd be full with just the apple pie)
And some 8 chocolate milkshakes throughout. 

And EU blames pastizzis.
Because all other junk food is NOT fattening, no. 
And by removing pastizzis, obese Maltese won't find alternatives.

I actually think the whole 350 calories per pastizz is too much, 
so yes, revamping the recipe would be great because of the healthier option, 
but threatening to remove our most famous pastizzi..

This better be an April's fool's joke. 
And I'm not even kidding.

EDIT!! : Apparently so it is. HA!

Monday, March 31, 2014

I HATE IT when people say ASK.FM should be shut down.

I HATE IT when people say ASK.FM should be shut down.
Honestly, You should teach your children NOT to use such applications.
Anonymity ALWAYS leads to bullying!
Anonymity is not only available on ASK.FM, 
anyone can create a fake profile these days, 
and hide behind someone else's identity.
I'm all out for protecting children.
Then yet again, children SHOULD NOT be on facebook.
If it's ok for your teenage daughter to be on facebook, 
MONITOR her use of facebook the whole time. 
Be-friend her on facebook so you can see what she's doing. 

Anonymity is available ALL over the internet in different forms.
So shall we shut down the internet just because 
YOU are NOT teaching your child how to use it properly
and how to manage anonymous situations?

STOP blaming applications. STOP blaming other people. 
Bullying IS wrong - but we, as parents, 
MUST NOT - EVER- allow the opportunity for cyber bullying, 
wherever we can control it. 

Take care of your children, ASK.FM won't do it, 
Facebook won't do it, 
because it's YOUR JOB.
Over & Out.


Friday, March 14, 2014

My 2 cents about this youtube thing.

As you might know I've shifted more on youtube and set my "blogging" aside. 
Of course, I still post on my blog - mainly videos - 
but there's a reason why I had to do this. 

I lost my passion for blogging. 
I lost it, and I lost it ages ago. 
I found it boring, 
and I was finding it to be tedious to blog. 

I still wanted to blog. 
I wanted to blog for a long time. 
And I have been blogging a long time. 
But it didn't feel like it was for me. 
It was a stepping stone. 
This is my 4th year in the blogging world.

And while it might seem like not that long, 
in the blogging world - that's a LONG LONG time. 

I am not the type of person who went into this thing for the popularity, 
for the events or the opportunities. NO
I LOVE makeup, and I want to share that passion with the world. 
I looked up - and still do - at beauty gurus 
and find the whole thing so alluring. 

But youtube is a cruel place to be. 
Blogging is "safe". 
You're hiding behind a screen and no one has any idea who you are,
 how you truly are in real life. 

Youtube is different. 
And if you've never been in front of a camera, you wouldn't understand. 
A lot of you are thinking - 
Oh I hate it when someone films me, I find it awkward.
I'm not talking about that. 
I'm talking about switching on the camera and just being you. 

When I film videos for youtube, I feel like I'm at home - 
it's something I've always dreamt of doing. 
And I'm doing it now - full time. 
It's difficult to call it full time because aside from the fact that it's my hobby, 
I DON'T earn a full-time-job pay from it. 
So let's call it a full time hobby. 

This full time hobby of mine, consumes a lot of my time, 
and I don't mind that one bit. 
I've stopped working and I'm the stay at home mum, 
something I never quite wanted to be - 
hold on - hold on I'm not done yet. 

This was my decision, and whilst two sentences ago 
it might have seemed like I'm not happy, that's so not the case. 

You see - I have a super supportive boyfriend, 
he motivates me and encourages me to do this youtube thing. 
So by being that stay-at-home mum, I can do this youtube thing.
If I didn't have his support I don't think I would have continued to do this, 
just because a lot of people like to pin-point at this youtube thing as a "lame" thing. 

I've had so many people "trying" to make fun of me for doing youtube. 
I was actually one of the firsts in Malta who started doing beauty videos. 
One of the very firsts, if not the first one. 
I deleted the very first few videos, 
because of the trash-talk from people. 
But being the first - or one of the first, is not always a good thing. 

Back when I started blogging it was still a lame thing to do - 
now everyone's popping blogs just because 
they have the support of the ones that have been blogging for a long time.
It's no longer something lame, it's no longer a tough place to be.
To put things into perspective -
Back when we started bloggers meet ups -
it was mainly because we wanted to find the support in each other, 
because we all found it rather tough to deal with the people who found this lame.

I've come at a point where a don't give a flying muffin 
about what people think. 
I get invited to sooo many events, 
and I'm not bothered to go to all of them. 

I love getting feedback on this youtube thing, 
I love getting comments, and likes - 
and I used to disable ratings because dislikes used to get to me, 
and honestly - now I don't care if I get them.
I care about the likes.
I care about the comments, 
the readers, 
and everyone who supports me. 

And if anyone thinks of me as this lame-girl-doing-youtube-makeup-videos, 
so be it. 

I am doing what I love and I'm eternally grateful to anyone who supports me doing it. 
Over & Out!


Updates..  updates. 

 So today's there's going to be an early upload because today's video is 26 minutes long - I kid you not - but it's soooo worth watching I'm telling you. 

 I also got sick so I don't think I will be filming today. I have a cold and I'm wearing this beak type of thing that they wear in construction so I won't pass it on to Aicha. 

 I'm thinking about doing a labour/delivery story but I'm kind of skeptical about it. I mean they're facts and I think it's nice to share that with you guys .. but it's something personal. I don't mind telling people I meet about it.. but to have it on youtube.. I don't know. Let me know if you d like to see a video like that.

 I'm baking banana bread this morning because I had some ripe bananas in the fridge and I want to give it a go. It's not smelling all that nice though, honestly.. mm. will update you. 

Aicha's growing up wayy too fast-  she's 3 months tomorrow, and she's such a happy baby - she smiles all the time and I can tell she has a bubbly personality already. 

I made some changes on my youtube channel.. can you spot them?